Social Security Benefits Wrongful Denials


The Social Security Administration is a government agency, and just like any large entity, it can make mistakes too. Sometimes, these errors can result in someone being wrongfully denied disability benefits when they were eligible to receive them. If you cannot work, but your claim was denied, you may need help from a lawyer to determine if this denial was actually made in error. Common mistakes that may cause a social security claim denial include:


  • Failing to obtain medical proof that supports the applicant’s injury claims
  • Failing to consider the entirety of applicant’s impairments
  • Overestimating the applicant’s ability to work
  • Failing to see the level of pain an applicant is experiencing
  • Underestimating how greatly an applicant’s injuries impact daily life 


Overestimating your ability to still go back to work may be one of the most prevalent mistakes made by the Social Security Administration. The agency will be evaluating your Residual Functional Capacity, which is your ability to fulfill work-related duties such as walking, standing, sitting, lifting and carrying, and concentration. 


The SSA will be assessing applicant’s RFC based on a review of the medical evidence provided. If the medical proof seems inaccurate or not complete, a claim may be outright denied. For instance, if your medical documentation shows that you are not able to carry anything more than 25 lbs, but it failed to indicate other related actions would cause you pain and further injury, the agency decision-maker may assume you can perform more than you can, and deny the caim. 


As a social security disability lawyer in Roanoke, VA from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt would suggest to potential clients, if you feel that your claim was wrongfully denied, it is more than worth taking a second look and submitting an appeal for reconsideration immediately.

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