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I Was Pulled Over and Received a Speeding Ticket, Can I Fight It?


Picture this: you’re just going about your day either traveling to-or-from work, running an errand, or spending time with loved ones when you hear a police siren going off behind you. You pull over to the side of the road and the officer says you were speeding and writes you a ticket. After looking at the ticket you realize that you will have to pay hundreds of dollars as a result of this charge, as your insurance premiums go up and points are added to your driving record. Thankfully, you do have legal options at this point. If you want to fight your speeding ticket, an experienced Wythe County, VA speeding ticket lawyer from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt can help. 


What if I don’t know anything about traffic tickets and law? 

When many people receive expensive speeding tickets, they believe that they have no other option aside from paying their fines and reaping the consequences. If you have been charged with speeding, it’s important to understand that you have options. By meeting with an experienced Wythe County, VA speeding ticket lawyer, you can obtain the guidance you need to effectively weigh your legal options, even if you don’t currently have any knowledge of traffic ticket law in Virginia. 


What is the benefit of hiring a traffic lawyer?

Instead of handling the legal aftermath of your ticket yourself, you may want to speak with a Wythe County, VA speeding ticket lawyer who can evaluate the case brought against you, and potentially identify whether there are weaknesses or flaws in that case. Then, your lawyer can create a defense and advocate for you, in an effort to get the ticket discharged. If that isn’t possible, then your lawyer can at least try to minimize the consequences you could endure, particularly if you are faced with an overly aggressive judge in traffic court. 


What are the chances that my ticket will be dismissed?

The likelihood that your ticket gets dismissed depends on the unique circumstances of your case. There are several variables that factor into whether your ticket is dropped or not, such as whether you are a first time offender, if you have other types of traffic violations on your record, the weather conditions at the time of speeding, and if any person or property was harmed as a result of speeding.


But won’t it cost me more money to hire a lawyer?

Not necessarily. In fact, hiring a Wythe County, VA speeding ticket lawyer to help handle your ticket can save you money in the long run. If you accept your ticket for speeding and pay the fine, you may soon realize that your insurance premium went up significantly and will continue to do so until the infraction drops off your record. You may have to wait years before that ticket is removed from your record and insurance goes back to normal. That increase each month over the course of years adds up quickly. 


Those who have recently gotten a speeding ticket can rely on a Wythe County, VA speeding ticket lawyer at The Law Office of Mark T. Hurt for assistance. Whether you supposedly sped through a red light or were exceeding the maximum MPH for a roadway, this may mean you could face increased insurance rates and points on your driving record. Drivers who find themselves in this predicament may wonder if hiring a lawyer is worth the money. We are here to say that in most cases, it surely is.

Can I handle my speeding ticket without a lawyer?

Technically, you can handle a speeding ticket on your own. But, a VA speeding ticket lawyer is probably going to strongly advise against it. If you have a serious speeding tickets that involves reckless driving, you should absolutely not act as your own lawyer. Even if your ticket doesn’t seem like a big deal, you should still hire a speeding ticket lawyer to help avoid the potential repercussions. 

Chances are, you don’t visit court all that frequently. The average person doesn’t keep up on speeding ticket laws. Trust us when we say that you probably don’t have the resources to devote what could amount to dozens of hours spent in your defense. But, a Wythe County speeding ticket lawyer in Virginia does. 

What to ask a speeding ticket lawyer?

When you consider hiring a member of our legal team you can ask us questions just like an interview. Clients may ask us questions like:

  • How many tickets like mine have you handled?
  • How many have been dismissed?
  • How long does it take?
  • How much will it cost?

You also have to be prepared to know what success looks like to you. Is success getting the ticket dismissed altogether? Or is success just getting the ticket reduced to a non-moving violation? A Virginia speeding ticket lawyer at The Law Office of Mark T. Hurt can help you answer these questions by showing you the big picture. While you may want to have your ticket dismissed altogether, it might be a better financial decision to reduce the ticket to a non-moving violation, making sure you don’t get any points on your license and keep your insurance rates down.

Isn’t hiring a lawyer expensive?

Hiring a speeding ticket lawyer is not as expensive as a lawyer for other legal needs. What’s imperative is that you have a professional who is knowledgeable in these types of legalities by your side, seeing that you make the best decisions possible when handling your ticket.

What’s is likely to be much more expensive is not hiring a lawyer at all. While you may end up having to pay a fine, your lawyer can help you save long-term in other areas like not getting points on your record and preventing insurance rate increases.

Is it true that my ticket will be dismissed if the officer doesn’t show up for court?

As a traffic ticket law firm, a lot of clients ask us about whether their case will be dismissed if the officer doesn’t show up. Like other legal matters, it depends. 

If the officer does not show up for court, he or she will often provide the judge a reason for their absence. Usually, instead of dismissing the case, the judge will move the case to the officer’s next available court date. At this time, if the officer does not show up, the court may try to get a hold of him or her. In the event that they are unable to do so, the case will likely be dismissed. As a Wythe County, VA speeding ticket lawyer might explain to you, this is a rare occurrence; thus, you should not rely on it if you want to beat your traffic ticket. 

It’s true that a lot of people assume their ticket will be dismissed if the officer doesn’t arrive at the court. Furthermore, many of our clients initially thought that by simply having a Wythe County, VA speeding ticket lawyer on their side, the police officer won’t show to court. In general, these are misconceptions. The objective of hiring a traffic ticket lawyer is not to scare away the police officer. Rather, it is to defend you, your rights, and your objectives. 

Understanding The Officers Court Duties

In Virginia, and many other states, most police officers will have an allocated day each month in which they are required to show up to court. Of course, this could vary, but this is the general average time. If, on this day, the officer doesn’t show up, there is a good chance he or she will call the court to notify them of their unavailability. For example, an official duty might have risen or some sort of emergency. If this should happen, it is more common than not for the judge to move the case to the officers next court date. In the event of the officer not showing up, not calling, and they are unable to be reached, the case may be dismissed. 

That said, as an experienced Wythe County, VAspeeding ticket lawyer, we know that most officers do show up to their court date because they will likely have many cases scheduled for that day. If they are not there, it’s usually because they have a legitimate excuse, and one that a judge will listen to. Typically related to this misconception is the idea that you can avoid showing up, and if the officer doesn’t show, then the case will be dropped. This is not true. Again, if the officer has a regular court date, and he or she will, it will fall on the next court date of the officer. It must also be said that you will almost certainly not be able to schedule your own court date. 

Finally, it cannot be emphasized enough that if you were given a traffic ticket, the officer will likely be at court. If he or she is not, they will likely have a valid excuse. Relying on this “strategy” to beat a ticket is not a good idea. If you really want to beat your traffic ticket, call a Wythe County, Virginia speeding ticket lawyer

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Did you know, in Virginia, receiving a conviction for speeding can have serious consequences.

    • If you are ticketed for going 81 mph or more, you have been ticketed for reckless driving.
    • Reckless driving is a criminal misdemeanor, and considered a crime.
    • A speeding conviction can result in points on your driving record and increased insurance premiums.
  • A speeding conviction can disqualify you from employment that requires driving.

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