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You feel you meet the requirements to collect Social Security disability benefits and think that it is just a matter of following the online directions, filling out the forms and submitting the requested information right? Maybe so, if your case is straightforward and you have dotted all the i’s and crossed all the t’s. What happens if your benefits aren’t approved because you forgot something or your reports were not crystal clear? The complexity of the process is one important reason to hire a Social Security attorney to help with your application for disability benefits. Here are several more:

  • Having an attorney help with your case increases your chances of getting your application approved early on in the process. 
  • The Security Security Administration is more apt to process an application from someone who has legal representation than someone who tries it alone.
  • Attorneys know what to submit, how to fill out the forms, etc.
  • A Lawyer can best represent your case to the Administration by understanding the most favorable means to present your situation to Social Security.

After the first application, your case will likely go to an appeal level, called the hearing and reconsideration level (known in some states as the first and second state of appeal). Hiring an attorney can:

  • Gather and submit pertinent medical information
  • Get your physician to write an opinion of your condition
  • Provide you a list of questions that the judge will ask at your hearing
  • Use their knowledge and experience to cross-examine any medical or vocational experts to prove that you are not able to return to work

In addition, during the following appeal stages, which occurs in a federal Appeals Court, your attorney can provide high-level legal arguments showing that your case was incorrectly denied by Social Security.

At What Point Should I Contact an Attorney?

If you have any uncertainty as to your next steps when considering filing for disability, then you need to contact a social security lawyer in Hillsville, Carroll County, VA from The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt . You can request a consultation that is free of charge. Discuss your situation with your lawyer and they can determine whether or not you have a strong case and help you begin the process. Seeking the assistance of an attorney at the earliest stages will greatly increase your chances of getting approval earlier, rather than later in the process.

Hiring an attorney is essential If your initial application is denied. Your lawyer can help expedite your case, especially if you have a terminal medical condition or you lose your home as a result of foreclosure and are without a place to live. 

There is no guarantee that your attorney will be able to push your case through faster; however, without the help of a professional, it is difficult to ascertain the reason for the delay or denial. 

If you are working with an attorney and you have turned in your first application to Social Security, try to refrain from constantly calling your lawyer to see if there is any news on your claim. Waiting for a response from Social Security is about all anyone can do at this point.

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