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Social Security Disability Lawyer Mark HurtIf you’re disabled and can’t work, you might be entitled to disability benefits. However, obtaining these benefits can be a challenging task to handle on your own. The Social Security Administration can initially deny your claim and has rigorous requirements for proving your entitlement to these benefits that can be daunting to handle without the help of a lawyer.

Since graduating from Duke University School of Law in 1989, attorney Mark Hurt has dedicated his legal career to working tirelessly in seeking the best outcome possible for clients, including those who have become injured or disabled. If you’re looking for an experienced social security disability lawyer to help you, we would invite you to call our firm for a free consultation to learn how we can help. We accept social security disability cases on a contingency fee basis, so there is no fee unless compensation is recovered.

Reasons for Your Claim Being Denied

The Social Security Administration (SSA) may not have enough information about your claim. If your claim is initially denied, we can get your claim appealed in a fast and efficient manner.

It is important to understand that the SSA has very specific criteria and requirements that must be met in order for a favorable disability determination to be made. Under the law, they cannot simply pay compensation until the proper documentation is filed, and a determination has been made that you qualify for benefits. Many people, however, assume that since they have become permanently disabled in an accident, they are automatically entitled to social security benefits. This is not the case. While someone may medically qualify for social security benefits, the SSA often routinely denies benefits because the claimant (the person seeking benefits) has not provided the necessary information in order to have a favorable determination made.

Social Security Appeals – The “What If” Scenario if the Reconsideration Fails

As a social security disability appeals lawyer, I understand the necessary requirements and fact showing that must be made in order to obtain benefits, and why claims are often rejected even though a claimant medically qualifies for benefits. If you have been denied benefits, we would invite you to call us to learn how we can help in the appeals process.

As part of this appeals process (often known as “reconsideration”), we can review the initial filing, and determine what additional information must be filed in seeking to have an initial adverse determining reversed. Additionally, we can also request a hearing so that we can pursue your claim through the appropriate legal process.

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