Slip & Falls

The older we get, the more likely it is that an injury could result from falling down. In many instances, tumbles are the result of someone else’s malfeasance. Whether the cause is spilled liquid, uneven terrain, or an unexpected push, you should be compensated. Here are the steps you should take to put yourself in the best position possible to receive restitution.

Seek Treatment

Besides making good health sense, immediately consulting with medical professionals is critical for proving that you were harmed. See your doctor as soon as possible and save records of your visit, along with evidence of any medications or healing accessories you are compelled to purchase.

File a Complaint

Determine who is at fault for your tumble, tell that individual what happened, and get that person’s side of the story. This demonstrates that you considered the situation to be serious and worthy of attention. Follow this with a certified letter recounting everything you discussed.

Collect Information

The more data you collect, the better your odds of a successful lawsuit. If witnesses were present, acquire their contact details and official statements. Take pictures and videos of where you fell, making note of the conditions that caused the incident. Write down everything you remember about the fall, from when it happened to how you felt and what pain you sustained. Place the clothes you were wearing when you tumbled in a bag so they will not be touched. During a trial, your wardrobe may become evidence.

Stay Agreeable

Any behavior that suggests you are quick to react or are especially litigious could be a disadvantage. Refrain from blaming others for the accident but do not accept responsibility either. Simply remain as tight-lipped as possible regarding what transpired. Abstain from mentioning the event on social media. Fail to heed these warnings and your words could come back to haunt you. 

Hire a Lawyer

Never launch a lawsuit on your own. Having an experienced Kingsport personal injury lawyer,

like The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt, on your side can make the process much smoother, as well as increase your odds of winning. A lawyer can provide advice specific to your situation. Additionally, you’ll be able to relax knowing that paperwork has been properly completed and your case filed before the statute of limitations runs out.

Sustaining harm from a fall is never fun, but it’s even more distressing when your injury is caused by another person’s negligence. Follow these steps to increase your odds of getting a monetary reward for your pain and suffering.

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