When considering whether or not to file a wrongful death lawsuit, it’s important to understand exactly what kind of damages you can expect to recover if settle or win in court. Every case is different so it’s important to discuss your potential case with an experienced wrongful death lawyer. A successful wrongful death lawsuit can result in a substantial settlement or award that will hopefully send the message that what happened to your loved one is not acceptable. For more information, call a wrongful death lawyer who can review your case, immediately.

Common Wrongful Death Circumstances

The various ways in which people act negligently or carelessly and end up hurting someone as a result of their actions are almost endless. However, some circumstances are more common than others. Regardless of whether or not your issue is included, we encourage you to call an attorney to schedule a consultation with a wrongful death lawyer to see if we can help. Here are some of the most common circumstances we see with regard to wrongful death claims:

  • Motor vehicle accident. When a careless or negligent driver fails to follow the rules of the road, it can be catastrophic for other drivers and passengers. Distracted, inexperienced or drivers under the influence are often to blame for fatal crashes.
  • Workplace accident. When an employer or manager cuts corners with safety precautions, it can result in hazardous working conditions for employees. Though the construction industry is notorious for worker fatalities, there are potential dangers in nearly any job.
  • Medical Malpractice.  When a doctor is negligent, it can often result in the death of the patient.
  • Dog bites. Dogs can do tremendous harm, especially to children who are the number one victims of dog bites. Harm to vital organs is common, as is infection of the wounds. Sadly, many children do not recover from dog attacks.
  • Murder. Harming someone with the intention of killing them is a criminal act and it can also be grounds for a civil lawsuit in the form of a wrongful death claim by a victim’s surviving family member.

Assessing Wrongful Death Lawsuit Damages

After a careful review of the details that you provide to an attorney, like a wrongful death lawyer Baltimore, MD trusts, they may be able to provide you with an approximate value for your case. Many variables are usually involved and each can factor into the total damages that you can request. Damages are broken down into two categories: economic and non-economic.

Economic Damages

This type of compensation is for damages that you had to pay for out of pocket, or for damages that you anticipate in the future. Depending on the circumstances of your case, they might include:

(1) The medical expenses incurred in the past;

(2) The loss of earnings and/or earning capacity incurred in the past;

(3) The loss of earnings and/or earning capacity reasonably probable to be expected in the future;  from the date of death until the date they would have retired. This may include bonuses, stock options, and benefits.

(4) Funeral expenses

Non-Economic Damages

This type of compensation is for damages that your loved one suffered because of the at-fault party’s carelessness or negligence.

  • The physical pain that your loved one endured from the fatal injury.
  • The emotional suffering that your loved one endured from the fatal injury, including pre-impact fright.

If your family member suffered a fatality in an avoidable accident or incident, call an experienced attorney to discuss your legal options today.

Thanks to our friends and contributor from the Greenberg Law Offices for their insight into damages after a wrongful death suit.

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