Car Accident Lawyer

  1. Think Safety First

Safety is the of the utmost importance in any motor vehicle collisions. Make sure all vehicles involved pull out of traffic and over to a safe place and stay away from any moving vehicles.  

  1. Check for Injuries

Even in a minor collision, there can be injuries. Check both your vehicle and the other vehicle as well. If anyone is injured or even seems injured make sure to call 911.

  1. Consider calling the police or a lawyer

If the vehicle damage seems minor, a call to the police may not be necessary, but if assistance is needed in establishing fault then the police can be of assistance. You may also want to consider calling a car accident attorney to help you.

  1. Look for eyewitnesses

Noting eyewitnesses will be important if there is any question as to the fault of the accident

  1. Make a plan if your car is being towed

If your car is not driveable, where do you want it sent? How will you get home? Make sure to take all your personal belongings out of your vehicle. If anything is lost or stolen they may not be covered by your auto insurance.

  1. Take Notes

Take a moment to write down the location of the accident, cross streets, road condition, weather, speed limits, traffic signals and accident results. Your own insurance will be looking for these details so they can best assist you.

  1. Take Pictures

Take pictures of all vehicles from the front as well as rear and sides to show general damages. Take close up pictures of any damage to your vehicle as well as any possible injuries.

  1. Double check the other party’s information

Double check the other party’s information by looking both at their driver’s license as well as their vehicle registration. Make note of any discrepancies.

  1. Call your insurance company

Be very careful of other parties wanting to handle the repair costs without insurance involvement. Make sure that your vehicle is inspected by a reputable auto repair shop. You may not see the damage that has occurred under the vehicle.

  1. Visit a doctor!

Even if you do not seem seriously injured, it may be wise to visit a doctor within the first week after an accident. Soreness and stiffness can be a sign of a more serious injury which should be diagnosed and treated properly. You don’t want to wait months later to discover a lingering problem you have is the result of the car accident.

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