Get the FULL Social Security Benefits to Which You Are Entitled!

  • As a social security disability lawyer and benefits attorney, I represent clients on a contingency fee basis. You will not owe me any fee unless and until benefits are awarded.
  • Our fee is usually paid directly to our firm by the Social Security Administration.
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Why it’s critical to retain a Social Security Disability Lawyer at the Outset of Your Case

  • Our Firm is only compensated based upon the past amount (or “Backpay”) that is due. If we are retained soon after a disabling event has occurred at the outset of a claim, our fee will typically be modest as the past amount due will be low (our fee is typically equal to 25% of the Backpay).
  • More than 65% of Disability Claims filed without a lawyer are rejected. When this occurs, you cannot simply modify your claim, you must go through the Appeals process.  The Appeals process typically takes months are longer, during which time you would not be receiving disability payments.


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"I am very pleased with Jenny Baker Attorney at Mark Hurt at the Abingdon Office. I went to court for my SSI July 6th. And was approved in 2 business weeks. The whole experience was pleasant and I am truly satisfied. I would recommend 10/10 for the law offices of Mark Hurt"
April McConnell

5 Stars

"Wonderful practice! So helpful and very informative. Carrie Fields was excellent when it came to information about my case. She made it easy and painless during the process. Thank you so much for all of the guidance you have provided. I would recommend 100% Mark T Hurt and his team of fabulous people."
Savannah Jacobs

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