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When sharing the road with other drivers, pay attention to those who seem more than just a little bit assertive. Aggressive drivers can be the culprits to tragic accidents. Safe drivers can help lessen their chances of being hit by an angry driver by learning to recognize the signs and avoiding them at all costs. Whether we call it road rage, aggression or recklessness, all of these are the types of drivers you do not want weaving in and around you. If you or someone you love have been hit by a hasty driver, we recommend talking with a car accident lawyer Wytheville, VA offers at The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt for guidance. Here we have listed the signs of an aggressive driver to watch out for, and how to steer clear when you do see them.

Q: What if a driver is speeding due to an emergency?

A: If you see a driver speeding either next to you or in your rearview mirror, promptly signal and move out of their way. While there may be instances where a driver is in an emergency situation and must get to a location as soon as possible, the majority are simply being careless. If you see a driver approaching and you do not have time to change lanes, it may be better to remain where you are and let them pass around you instead.

Q: If I have the right-of-way, can I assume other drivers will respect that?

A: An aggressive driver is probably not inclined to give someone else the right-of-way, even when it is rightfully the other driver’s turn. If you assume other drivers are going to obey traffic laws, you may find yourself in an accident eventually. Perhaps the most useful approach is to practice defensive driving and proceed with caution even when it is your turn.

Q: What if someone is tailgating me?

A: Drivers who are aggressive and/or in a state of road rage, are likely to be quite annoyed by a driver who is following the speed limit. If a driver is tailgating you, do not slam on your breaks as a warning to back off. This may only increase the driver’s irritation and even put you at-risk for a hostile situation. If it is a one-way road, you can wait until the road opens up to a passing lane or pull over to the side of the road if there is space. If you feel particularly threatened by a driver, do not be afraid to call the police.

Q: What if a driver keeps honking at me, am I doing something wrong?

A: A disgruntled driver who wants to get where he or she needs to go as quickly, may honk at anyone who gets in the way. Even a reasonably confident driver may rarely use his or her horn, unless as an emergency signal to avoid a car accident. So it may not mean you are doing anything wrong, other drivers may use it as a way to express irritance.

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