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Car accidents can be quite serious, but when you were not actually driving in the accident, it can seem infinitely more complicated. Especially when you were merely a passenger in a car accident, you want to ensure you get the compensation you deserve by filing the right insurance claims so you are not stuck with hefty medical bills. But, what happens when an accident injured you and you were the passenger in an Uber? Uber is a large company, so your first thought might be that you can just get Uber to pay for it. However, it is more complex than this. Below, you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding Uber car accidents.

So, Can I Just Sue Uber?

Many people think the simplest solution is to sue Uber to get compensation after an accident. However, this is not the best approach. Even though the company’s insurance can cover medical costs after an accident, that does not mean you can hold them responsible or sue them. Your Uber driver, like many other ridesharing service drivers, is most likely classified as an independent contractor. When this is the case, Uber is not liable for their negligent driving if the driver is at fault.

Who Do I Make My Claim Against?

When you understand the circumstances surrounding the car accident you can understand who is responsible for the accident. There are three likely scenarios:

  • The other driver is responsible.
  • Your Uber driver is responsible. Or
  • The Uber company is responsible.

The Other Driver. The first scenario is the other driver. If your Uber driver was not at all responsible for the accident and it was entirely the other driver’s fault, you (and your Uber driver) can likely file a claim against them like you would for any other accident. If you and their insurance company agree, they will compensate you some amount for your personal injury.

Your Uber Driver. Just as likely, your Uber driver might have caused the accident. Since they are independent contractors, you would file your claim with their personal insurance. If their app was off and did not show as having picked up a ride, their personal auto insurance should cover your injuries.

The Uber Company. Because of the way Uber operates, they will cover up to $1 million per accident when someone sustains an injury if the Uber driver successfully logged into their Uber app, accepted your ride, and was showing as active.

Do I Need an Attorney? You do not need an attorney to file a personal injury claim after an Uber accident. However, because things can get so complicated with knowing who you should file a claim against, an attorney can help you by going over the evidence of your claim, examining police records, and establishing who the at-fault driver was. This can be extremely beneficial when you need compensation for things like medical bills, pain and suffering, and even lost wages. Call today for more information on speaking with a car accident lawyer Hillsville, VA offers at The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt who can help you after your Uber accident. They can help you get the compensation you deserve from your Uber accident!

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