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5 Stars

"I had the best results with my speeding ticket. I spoke on the phone with Carol (Mt Hunt’s paralegal) multiple times and she was very responsive and helpful. She provided me with great information and advice that I followed. As a result my case concluded with the the absolute best possible outcome for my situation."
Shelly W.

5 Stars

"I had excellent results regarding an unfairly issued reckless driving infraction. It was reduced to a minor driving violation. Mr. Hurt and his outstanding staff handled this in a very professional manner with great results. Wrapped and packed! Well done! "
Edward G.

Mark Hurt

Mark Hurt
25 Years of Legal Practice

Did you know that receiving a conviction in Virginia for speeding can have serious consequences for your CDL?

  • If you are ticketed for going 86 mph or more, you have been ticketed for reckless driving.
  • Reckless driving is a criminal misdemeanor, and considered a crime.
  • A speeding conviction can result in points on your driving record and increased insurance premiums.
  • A speeding conviction can endanger your CDL.

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