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  • Reckless driving is a crime in Virginia. A conviction creates a permanent criminal record.
  • Even a regular speeding conviction can have bad consequences for your driving record and your insurance premium.

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  • We get most speeding and even reckless driving tickets reduced to a charge that add no points to your driving record.
  • Even for high speed RD tickets, we can usually negotiate a reduction to a basic non-criminal traffic charge.

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Getting a traffic ticket is a pain. Whether it’s a red light ticket or a speeding ticket, it means points on your license and a fine. It could also mean increased insurance rates. People who find themselves in this situation often wonder if hiring a Blacksburg, Virginia speeding ticket lawyer is worth the cost. Often times, it is.

What happens if I ignore my ticket?

Ignoring your ticket is the worst thing you can possibly do. If you don’t show up to court or respond to the ticket as it indicates, a judge could issue a warrant for your arrest. Is that worth the cost of paying (or fighting) simple traffic ticket? Working with a skilled Blacksburg, VA speeding ticket lawyer has many advantages. We will make sure you show up or respond to your ticket so you don’t get arrested. But we’ll also work hard to get your ticket or fine reduced or even eliminated, when possible.

Shouldn’t I just pay the fine?

Don’t give in. Even if you’re guilty, the fine you end up paying could cost you more than it would cost to hire several attorneys. In addition to that, if you just pay the fine, you’re admitting guilt. When you admit guilt, points are added to your license. When points are added to your license, your insurance rates go up. The increase in your insurance rates could pay for even more lawyers. It’s therefore likely that the best economical decision in the long-run involves hiring a trusted Blacksburg, VA speeding ticket lawyer to help you reduce your liability, if at all possible.

Isn’t hiring a lawyer expensive?

Hiring a Blacksburg, VA speeding ticket lawyer is not as expensive as hiring a lawyer to address other legal needs. What’s usually more expensive is not hiring a lawyer. While you may end up having to pay a fine, your lawyer can help you save in other areas like not getting points on your license and keeping your insurance rates down. A seasoned traffic ticket lawyer will not cost more than the fine you need to pay. But it’s important to remember the recurring costs that the attorney will help you save.

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"I had a traffic ticket that actually ended with some driving school from reckless driving … I would recommend Mark to anyone out there for anything law related."
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5 Stars

"I got Mark to represent me for a traffic violation. Mark got my ticket removed so all I had to do was go to driving school. Driving school wasn’t fun, but even after the cost of hiring Mark and driving school I still saved hundreds of dollars between court fees and increased insurance rates. "
William H.

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