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Have you recently been in a minor traffic collision? Regardless of who is at fault, there are a few vital steps that you must take right away. Knowing what to do before you have an accident ensures you are prepared to handle the situation appropriately.

  1. Document the Accident

When two cars collide, there is almost always some damage to a vehicle. If you are in an accident, try to get your auto off the road as soon as you can. If your automobile is no longer drivable, call for emergency assistance right away. 

Once your vehicles are to the side of the road or a nearby parking lot, it’s necessary to document the accident. Take pictures of both cars and make any notes about what happened so you can provide them to the police, your insurance company, or a lawyer if necessary. This is also an excellent time to obtain information from the other driver such as: 

    • Where and when the accident occurred
    • Make and model of the other car
    • Driver’s license from the other driver
    • Phone number and name of the other driver
    • Policy number and name of their car insurance
    • The licenses plate of the other vehicles involved in the accident

If you or the other driver or passengers have any apparent injuries, call for help right away and document these injuries with videos or photos. It’s essential to have as much information as possible to create a clear picture of what happened for authorities.

  1. File a Police Report

When the accident is minor, it isn’t necessary to contact the police via an emergency call. Instead, gather all the information from the other driver and your pictures, and take that with you to the station. Some locations may even allow you to file a report online, which helps save time. The report is good to have in case of future injuries or damages, or the insurance company requires it. 

  1. Contact Your Insurance Company

Filing a claim with your insurance company should also happen as soon as possible after the accident. Contacting them right away helps expedite the process and ensures you and the other driver receive any repair work or compensation quickly. Some companies even have an app that allows you to submit pictures and information immediately after the collision. 

Knowing what to do after a traffic collision helps make a stressful situation more manageable. If you have questions or concerns about recovering damages, reach out to a Kingsport car accident lawyer from a law firm like The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt to answer any of your questions or concerns regarding your car accident and your legal rights. 

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