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When workers get hurt or become sick while on the job, they may not know that their employer may offer workers compensation benefits. This type of state-mandated insurance program offers medical coverage for employees who get injured or become ill while at work. This program can even extend to situations where an employee was not at the job-site, but was hurt while traveling for business or running a work errand. Here in the article below, we have provided information about workers compensation benefits through a question and answer format.

What are signs that my claim has been mishandled?

Sadly, an employer may try to minimize or lessen your chances of being approved for workers compensation benefits. This may be due to the pressure that your employer is under to save the company money at all costs. Signs that your employer may be mishandling your claim can include:

  • You find out that your paperwork was turned in late, or not at all
  • Your employer is not keeping you updated about your status for approval or denial
  • Since filing for workers compensation, you have been reassigned to another department or had a change in job duties
  • When bringing your condition to the attention of your employer, he or she tried to convince you to not file a workers comp claim

Should I report my injury right away?

Yes, any employee that has gotten hurt or become ill while at work, should notify their supervisor on duty at the time to fill out an incident report. If you were injured due to a workplace hazard, your employer may need to attend to it before someone else also gets hurt in the same manner. If you notice your employer has not fixed the issue promptly after reporting it, that may be a cause for concern.

Which doctor will evaluate and treat my condition?

It is likely that you will see a work-assigned doctor about your work-related injury or illness first. Then, you may be permitted to get a second opinion from your own personal doctor. But, whether or not you can do this depends on the laws for your state. If you find that the work doctor and your personal doctor have two very different ideas about diagnosis and treatment, you may want to meet with an attorney for help. It is possible that the work-assigned doctor has been coerced by your employer to minimize your injuries, to save the company money.

Should I turn to an attorney for help?

If you are suspicious that your claim has been mishandled, you did not receive the amount of benefits you require, you were wrongfully denied, or otherwise not treated fairly at any point during your workers compensation application process, you may want to meet with work injury lawyers. Your employer may have broken a law when handling your claim. An attorney can provide a consultation about what is going on to help you determine whether legal action may be necessary.


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