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If you have been arrested for an alcohol driving offense, there are several legal terms that may be used for your case. Three of the most common terms for alcohol-related offenses include a DUI, DWI, or wet reckless. DUI and DWI are interchangeable, and stands for when a person is arrested for operating a vehicle while drunk. As for wet reckless, this means the person was driving carelessly and an element of the arrest included the consumption of alcohol. Wet reckless isn’t a term used upon the initial arrest, and is more often used by the prosecution to the accused as a plea deal. 

Always Get Legal Help

In the event of a DUI arrest, it is imperative that the accused gets help from an attorney. Many people may wrongfully assume they will be okay without much legal guidance. Unfortunately, not having an attorney develop a defense strategy for you could mean the fullest extent of punishments possible is inflicted by the court. It is the best interest of the accused’s finances and freedom, to get representation by an attorney who understands the complex nature of the criminal justice system. 

Benefits of Wet Reckless

Those who were arrested for a DUI may want to accept the wet reckless plea deal if offered one by the prosecution. There are several benefits to this conviction when compared to a DUI. For instance, with a wet reckless charge: 

  • The mandatory fines are likely to be reduced
  • The requirement for taking alcohol-related courses may be decreased 
  • Jail time may be eliminated entirely
  • Can be useful for those who have a prior driving offense with alcohol, as it can lower the severity of repercussions
  • Prevent the requirement to install an interlock device on the vehicle
  • Can help you keep a current job and increase your chances of being accepted for positions in the future (especially if they entail driving)

What May Still Happen

A wet reckless charge will be reported to your local DMV, and it may be treated the same as a DUI in that your driver’s license is suspended for a designated period of time. The wet reckless may remain on your DMV record for about ten years. Your current insurance company may drop you from coverage or increase your rates upon being notified of the wet reckless conviction. While there are still likely to be consequences to face for this decreased charge, the impact it will make on a person’s life overall can be much less. 

DUI and Wet Reckless Expungement

An attorney who has knowledge regarding DUI and wet reckless convictions, can work to expunge this from the person’s criminal record. Through legal intervention and strategy, it may be possible to get it removed. Expungement (otherwise called “expunction” is a court-ordered process where the legal record of conviction or arrest is sealed. By sealing, this means the conviction or arrest is essentially erased. A traffic lawyer in Hillsville, VA can talk with you further about whether there is a possibility of your alcohol-related crime being erased from your record. 

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