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Many leading wrongful death lawyers, like a wrongful death lawyer in Woodland Hills, CA, receive calls every day regarding the inability to find a lawyer. Many of these people are confused, upset, and frustrated because they cannot get the answers they are looking for. Lawyers often hear complaints about the generic response a lawyer gives them such as, “We are sorry. At this time, we cannot help you. Please contact another wrongful death lawyer.”

Why You Might Receive A Generic Response from a Lawyer

Although no one wants a generic response, many lawyers will send them when they decide a case is not for them. The reason why a generic response is given is because every lawyer will have their own preferences for the cases they handle. Some lawyers might only take on claims that are associated with corporations and large companies. Others might be a “one-man” law firm with limited resources and better suited to smaller, straightforward cases. Therefore, just because you have been turned away doesn’t mean you don’t have a case. Even if wrongful death lawyers have rejected you time and time again, it may be worth it to continue your pursuit. If, in the event, no lawyer will take your case, the following might help you to understand the reasons why. 

Risk Versus Reward

In general, all wrongful death cases will be handled on contingency. This means there are no upfront fees for the plaintiff. The law firm will cover all of these, and if they lose, they lose their own money and time. When a wrongful death lawyer is reviewing a prospective case, they will consider the amount of time and money that will be needed. Think of it as an investment. A case that will likely win a settlement or verdict might be worth it; whereas, a case that might settle with a low amount of money might not be worth it. 

When Liability is Unclear

If you are seeking monetary damages for a wrongful death, liability must be shown. In the event that this cannot be clearly demonstrated, you may still recover damages; however, the amount may be less than what a case is worth for a lawyer. 

The Complexity of the Case

In general, the more time and resources a wrongful death lawyer will need to put into the case, the more complicated it will be. Furthermore, it may require extensive investigation and financial resources. For instance, medical malpractice cases might cost a law firm thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of dollars to build. If a settlement won’t be enough to cover these resources, a wrongful death lawyer might not take the case. 

You Have Filed for Bankruptcy

If you have filed for bankruptcy, your assets may belong to the bankruptcy estate. This would likely include your claim. Before compensation can be recovered for you, a wrongful death lawyer will need to get permission to do  so from the court. Even if a judge allows this, all of your recovered damages could be given to creditors. 

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Thanks to Barry P. Goldberg Law for their insight into why a lawyer might not accept your wrongful death case. 

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