What Should You Do if You or Another Pedestrian is Hit by a Vehicle?

Not many things in life are more traumatic than being a pedestrian involved in a car accident. The struck pedestrian will not only suffer the obvious physical injuries, but emotional and psychological problems may arise as well. Being struck by a motor vehicle can really hurt your ability to perform your normal daily self-activities such as caring for your family, eating, getting dressed, and so on.

Many pedestrians that are involved in motor vehicle-related accidents are knocked unconscious upon being struck at the same time as others may be dazed. However, in case you are conscious after being struck by a vehicle, you might be in mental or physical shock. Regardless of the situation, as quickly as you can think clearly, there are some steps you should follow post-accident to ensure your legal rights.

Once you have been struck by a vehicle, here is the list that includes some simple steps to follow. These steps need to be followed immediately to protect your legal right and your future.

Seek Medical Assistance Immediately

If you have been struck by a vehicle and you’re unconscious, this responsibility falls on the motorist. But if you’re conscious after being struck, the responsibility is yours. The emotional shock that your body most likely be suffering post-accident can also cloud your judgment and your ability to apprehend pain and injury. Call 911 for assistance and acquire a full clinical evaluation, even in case you think you feel fine.

After contacting medical services, you need to take a personal inventory.

  • Which part of your body is in pain?
  • Do you feel any visible injuries?
  • Are any of your clothes torn? If so, they may be an area of the body that is injured but may not be in pain at this time
  • Touch your face, head, and extremities to see if there’s any blood. You may be bleeding, but your body may not be able to “process” the accompanying pain due to emotional shock.
  • Make a note of all the injuries and report them to the medical staff as soon as they arrive.

Call the Police

It is very important to make notes of the events that led up to the accident.  But, the probability that you will be able to physically recall information is low. Even in case you’re able to create a series of events, you can not have paper or pen to put them down.

While your attorney or insurance company may require a police report that files the accident, that is also the right time to talk about what happened before being struck. Memories may fade because of injury. Documenting each step that caused you to get stuck as soon as possible with a police officer is very important.

Seek Professional Legal Assistance

A pedestrian that is struck by a motor vehicle will probably have more injuries than occupants in a car. These injuries may also result in emotional, physical, and financial problems that will seriously affect your life. The motorist’s insurance company will probably attempt to place fault on you and deny any claims you file. If they do provide you a settlement, it will probably be grossly undervalued and not take into account any difficulties that you could stumble upon in the future.

By obtaining a lawyer, like a pedestrian accident lawyer Kansas City, MO trusts from Royce Injury Attorneys, you may be ensuring the protection of your legal rights and livelihood.

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