TBI Lawyer

TBI Lawyer

A brain injury can have catastrophic and far-reaching consequences for the accident victim and their family. These injuries can result from falls, car accidents, hit-and-run pedestrian accidents, and other causes. Victims can suffer paralysis, severe cognitive impairment, and death. 

Head injuries that result from accidents are not always obvious. After motor vehicle accidents or other serious accidents, adrenaline surges and many things happen in a hurry. It can be difficult for an injured person to assess the full extent of their injuries under ideal circumstances. This means that serious injuries may not be obvious right away, explains a TBI lawyer from a law firm like Unidos Legales.

Causes of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Any accident that results in a head injury has some risk of causing brain damage. Traumatic brain injuries can also be difficult to diagnose. If you or your family member have any of these symptoms, seek medical treatment immediately:

  • nausea and vomiting
  • slurred speech
  • difficulty with thinking or learning
  • weakness in arms or legs

Many individuals have lifetime disabilities because of injury accidents. Even individuals who return to normal life often have huge bills for medical treatment and rehabilitation. Other accident victims cannot return to their previous trade or profession, while others need long-term care. 

The most important thing you can do after suffering a head injury is to seek medical attention. The second most important thing you can do is to contact a personal injury attorney. 

After the Accident

After an accident, you may be eager to get a payout from the insurance company, but this can be a mistake. Doing so may leave you with less money to recover. You may also find your rights to additional compensation are limited. You may never be able to recover fair compensation for ongoing expenses or unexpected future costs such as:

  • physical therapy or rehabilitation
  • long-term care
  • lost wages
  • lost earning power if you are unable to return to your previous career

A personal injury attorney will be able to work on your behalf to negotiate with the insurance company, investigate the accident scene, and take your case to court if necessary. A law firm will also have the resources needed to investigate the accident. This work is both important and time-sensitive. Accident sites are cleaned up and repaired, possibly removing evidence. Video recordings are erased. Witnesses disappear or their memories fade.

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Contact a brain injury lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your case. Having legal counsel is crucial to protecting your rights.  

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