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Every parent’s worst nightmare is to lose a child. The loss of a child is not the natural way things should occur. Afterall, children should go on to live long, healthy and full lives. When a child has been killed in an accident that could have been prevented, it can be even more devastating. Holding a liable party responsible will require the assistance of a wrongful death attorney for help in compiling case information, investigating the case, and initiating the process.

Can I pursue wrongful death action if my child has passed away?

If your child has passed away in an accident at the hands of a reckless or careless party, parents may be able to pursue wrongful death. However, it’s important to note that only one claim can be filed. This will mean that one party is often designated to managing the claim with a wrongful death lawyer. In most cases, parents will work together throughout the process and with the assistance of their attorney

How long will I have to take action?

Amidst grief, it can be challenging to even consider the thought of pursuing legal action for your loss. However, it’s important to at least consult with an attorney in a timely manner. Handing off your case to a professional can come with some sense of relief. The statute of limitations for taking action is the timeframe a party has to take action. Once the timeframe has passed, family may no longer have the ability to pursue legal action. In most situations, the statute of limitations is 2 years. However, laws can vary depending upon the state so it’s important to consult an attorney for guidance regarding the statute of limitations.

Should I utilize a wrongful death attorney?

When a child has died, the victim’s family will be overcome with grief. Often, this can make it nearly impossible to function or perform even the most mundane of activities. Wrongful death cases can be complicated. An attorney can help to gather evidence and help to prove damages you have suffered as a result. Having an attorney who can play hardball, can provide the family with peace of mind that the legalities are handled. This can provide a family with the ability to grieve their loss.

Will I ever be able to recover from losing my child?

This is a question that is nearly impossible to answer. However, it’s a common question many parents have after losing a child. If your child has passed away at the hands of a negligent party, chances are you will want them to pay for what they have done. Although nothing can bring back your child, or take away the pain you are suffering; a wrongful death attorney may be able to help you take action against the person who is liable.

Losing a loved one is often devastating, especially when their passing has come unexpectedly. When such a young life has been lost, it can be catastrophic, especially considering the fact that they had their entire life ahead of them. Accessing a wrongful death attorney Bristol, TN trusts can provide you with the compassion, support and legal strategy to hold the liable party responsible for their actions.  

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