Whistleblower Actions

Representing Injured People

If you or a loved one has been injured at work or because of someone else’s negligence, Mark Hurt and his experienced legal team can assist you in making sure you obtain fair and just compensation for your injuries.

Whether you have suffered a catastrophic injury, or a minor one, Mark Hurt and his team will give your claim a thorough analysis, and formulate and implement an intelligent action plan tailored to your specific situation.

While Mark Hurt has successfully litigated complex cases yielding multimillion dollar recoveries, he employs the same individualized  process to every case.  No assembly-line treatment for your case, no matter how minor the injury.

Mark is willing to file suit in even the smallest of cases if it is in the best interest of his client.  In his experience, simply filing suit in some auto  accident cases with minor injuries has often doubled the settlement offer of the insurance company.

In representing an injured person, it is sometimes necessary to appeal or defend against an appeal.  Mark Hurt and his legal team have extensive experience representing clients in the appellate courts, both state and federal.

Mark Hurt and his team also utilize their litigation skills to obtain six-figure results for injured workers in Virginia’s workers compensation system.  They have frequently litigated in that forum in order to obtain just compensation and settlements for their clients.

The Law Offices of Mark Hurt has extensive experience in representing persons injured from:

Automobile wrecks
Trucking wrecks
Accidents at work
Dog bites
Motorcycle wrecks

Small Business Services

Small business owners have numerous legal needs, from setting up the business entity, to dealing with employees, to contracting with consumers and suppliers.   With his prior experience as a CPA, and his years of advising small business clients, Mark Hurt has the experience and knowledge to counsel and provide small business owners with the legal services that they need.

Mark Hurt also serves as the registered agent of dozens of small businesses.

Typical Services:
Advice on the right legal business entity
Setting up the legal business entity
Serving as registered agent
Annual maintenance of the legal entity
Drafting the right contract with the right terms
Advice on how to deal with issues that arise

Estate Planning Services

Having the right estate plan is crucial for peace of mind and to ensure your goals and wishes are achieved.

Mark Hurt will discuss with you your needs and goals and carefully formulate and recommend a plan that is right for you, whether it involves complex estate tax planning or merely a simple will.

Often, clients are surprised that trusts are part of that plan and that they can be implemented in a cost-effective manner.

Mark Hurt has been assisting estate planning clients for over 25 years.  His prior experience as a CPA has proven invaluable in this process.

An initial meeting with a potential estate planning client is typically at no-charge.

Typical Services:

Discussing and formulating an estate plan
Living trusts
Testamentary trusts
Intervivos trusts
Irrevocable life insurance trusts
Powers of attorney
Advance medical directive•

Representing Whistleblowers

Mark Hurt has been representing whistleblowers in False Claims Act actions for over 20 years.  These actions have resulted in millions of dollars of recoveries for the federal Treasury, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in awards to his clients for whistleblowing.

When a private citizen learns that his employer or another company is defrauding the government, a federal law called the  False Claims Act authorizes a citizen to bring a lawsuit against the fraudster to recover the money for the government.  The  False Claims Act authorizes an award to the whistleblower of up to 30% of the amounts that he recovers.

False Claims Act cases are very complex and often must be litigated not only in the trial court, but in the appellate courts.   A whistleblower needs an experienced attorney.  Mark Hurt has done it all.  He has successfully tried and won a False Claims Act jury trial.   He has also frequently briefed and argued False Claims Act appeals in the Court of Appeals, and even in the United States Supreme Court.

Often the fraudster, particularly if it is the whistleblower’s employer, will retaliate against the whistleblower, sometimes even firing him.   The False Claims Act provides protection to the whistleblower.  Mark Hurt has achieved hundreds of thousands of dollars in compensation for whistleblowers who have suffered retaliation.

States such as Virginia have their own false claims act, and Mark Hurt has brought lawsuits under those laws as well.

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