Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Georgia has the 22nd worst bicycle accident death rate of the 50 states. Being in the middle of the pack is nothing to cheer about, as Georgia bicyclists are clearly at risk when they ride on Georgia roads.

Fortunately, most bicycle accident victims survive a collision with a car. Unfortunately, survivors often have serious injuries. Traumatic brain injuries, spinal damage, broken bones, dental injuries, and organ damage are among the serious consequences of Georgia bicycle accidents.

Bicycle accident victims should visit a doctor as soon as they can. Delayed treatment can be fatal. A concussion might not seem like a serious injury, but a blow to the head can cause bleeding or swelling of the brain. Symptoms might not become obvious until it is too late to treat the condition. Bicycle accident victims need to see a doctor immediately to evaluate potentially catastrophic brain injuries if they suffer a blow to the head.

Paramedic Treatment After a Bicycle Accident in Georgia

When injuries are obviously serious, someone should call an ambulance. The paramedics who respond to accidents are trained to evaluate injuries, to stabilize the victim’s condition, and to transport the victim to an emergency room if the victim requires urgent medical care.

Following a paramedic’s advice is critical to a bicycle accident victim’s recovery. If a paramedic wants to transport an injury victim to the hospital, the victim should agree. Worry about paying the bill later. Getting treatment is the first priority.

Emergency Room Treatment After a Bicycle Accident in Georgia

While emergency rooms admit patients who have health insurance, they might or might not treat an uninsured patient. Whether or not a bicycle accident victim is insured, however, a hospital must evaluate the patient to determine the nature of the patient’s injury.

If an injury is severe, and particularly if the injury is life-threatening, the emergency room must admit the patient for treatment. The hospital must continue treating the patient until the injury has stabilized.

Insured accident victims can submit the ER bill to insurance for payment. Uninsured victims can be billed for ER services but will usually recover those expenses when a negligent driver caused the accident.

Follow-Up Doctor’s Care After a Bicycle Accident in Georgia

After being discharged from the emergency room, or if emergency care is not needed, an injured bicyclist should receive medical treatment until the injury has healed. Treatment will help the victim recover more quickly, while the failure to obtain prompt treatment will encourage the negligent driver’s insurance company to argue that the bicyclist did not suffer from an ongoing accident-related injury.

A bicycle accident victim with health insurance can start by visiting the bicyclist’s primary care physician. That doctor might make a referral to a neurologist, an orthopedic doctor, or to another specialist if additional care is required. The accident victim’s insurance plan might dictate the specific group of physicians whose services will be covered.

Doctors frequently refer bicycle accident victims to physical therapy to help them regain strength and flexibility in their joints and muscles. It is important to comply with all the doctor’s recommendations. A failure to obtain follow-up care will encourage the insurance adjuster to argue that the victim did not obtain continuing care because the injury had healed.

Uninsured accident victims who do not have a doctor can contact their injury lawyer for advice. Their bicycle accident lawyer in Atlanta, GA may be able to recommend a doctor who is willing to defer payment until a case is settled. To assure that a fair settlement is reached, however, every effort should be made to obtain prompt and continuing treatment.

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