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For many, riding a motorcycle is one of their favorite activities. Unfortunately, it can also be extremely dangerous. A person on a motorcycle is five times more likely to be injured and a staggering 26 times more likely to die in a crash than someone riding in a car.

And even those victims who are fortunate enough to survive the crash, they are often left with catastrophic injuries that result in long-term or permanent disabilities. Victims and their families are left with overwhelming physical, emotional, and financial losses to struggle with.

Motorcycle accidents caused by negligent motor vehicle drivers are common. Sometimes, motorcycle accidents happen due to weather conditions or other uncontrollable factors. In other cases, however, drivers of cars and trucks simply fail to account for the motorcyclists around them. Drivers may be distracted by technology, such as cell phones or GPS systems. It is also not uncommon for drivers to put motorcyclists in danger by engaging in risky driving behaviors such as lane changes without signaling, failure to yield right of way, following too closely, and not checking their mirrors.

Unique Problems Faced by Motorcycle Riders

Motorcycles face increased risks because they are smaller than other vehicles and are much more likely to be hidden from view by other vehicles or objects. Often, drivers of cars who are not paying adequate attention to the road simply do not see the motorcycle. The majority of motorcycle accidents involving another vehicle occur at intersections, in part, because of this reason.

Road hazards can be especially unsafe for a motorcyclist. Things like potholes, puddles, debris, or other objects on the roadway which are only a minor inconvenience to other drivers can be deadly to motorcyclists. Another danger occurs when some motorcycles can become unstable and “wobble” due to a misalignment of the tires or another defect. If an accident is caused by a defect, the manufacturer of the motorcycle or the defective part could be held liable for any resulting injuries.

Motorcycles are also dangerous because riding one requires significantly more practice and skill than driving a car does. Some careless riders think that because they can drive a car that they can drive a motorcycle. Riders who underestimate their proficiency on a motorcycle can seriously injure themselves and anyone who rides with them.

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