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When your entire life has been altered from an accident caused by a negligent party, it’s only natural that you will have a number of questions looking to get answered. Whether you are facing exorbitant medical costs, loss of income or permanent physical disabilities; you may be entitled to damages as the result of your accident. An attorney is well aware of the hardship you are currently facing. They offer compassionate support, a listening ear, and sound legal counsel to help ensure that the legal process you are pursuing can be managed with ease. Attorneys frequently meet with clients who are facing hardship following a motorcycle accident. Questions attorneys often hear include:

What should I expect from my initial consultation?

Taking advantage of the complementary consultation many attorneys offer is key when you are in search of a motorcycle accident attorney. A consultation gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get to know the attorney you are thinking of hiring. By doing so, you mitigate the risk of obtaining an attorney who:

  • Just isn’t a match
  • Doesn’t have experience in motorcycle accident cases
  • Doesn’t practice personal injury
  • Does not have the education you are looking for

Your consultation will only take place for a limited period of time so, it’s important to be prepared with a list of questions and key information regarding your case. It’s important to note that the consultation also gives prospective attorneys the ability to review your case to determine whether you have a strong claim.

How will I afford medical costs following a motorcycle accident?

Following a motorcycle accident, you may find yourself drowning in medical bills. This can be terrifying and frustrating. This is especially true when the accident was at the hands of a negligent driver. It’s important to speak with an attorney so that you may begin pursuing your personal injury case to recover damages. Medical costs often experienced by motorcycle accident victims include:

  • Ambulance Costs
  • Emergency Room Costs
  • Hospital Stays
  • Follow Up Doctors Visits
  • Surgeries
  • Prescription Medications
  • Medical Equipment

If you and your attorney are successful in proving the person who caused the accident was negligent, you may obtain a settlement that provides financial relief to cover medical expenses and other damages experienced.  

What is the value of my motorcycle accident?

This is often a hard question for a personal injury lawyer Salt Lake City, UT relies on to answer without specific case information regarding the accident. However, when working to assign value to a case, a personal injury attorney will assess the damages a victim has suffered and determine who was at fault for the accident. The claimant is responsible for proving that the person who caused the accident was in fact responsible. When valuing a claim, your attorney will carefully review the damages you have suffered in order to assign a number to your case.

Have you recently been in a motorcycle crash? The outcomes may be looking pretty grim, especially if you are facing a significant recovery period. Because of this, and the number of other losses you are facing, it may be wise to pursue a motorcycle accident claim to obtain damages.

Thank you to our friends and contributors at Rasmussen & Miner for their insight into personal injury claims and how to afford medical costs after a motorcycle accident.

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