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Car Accident Lawyer Tazewell, VA

car accident lawyer Tazewell, VAMany people turn to a car accident lawyer in Tazewell, VA at The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt for protection from being taken advantage of by insurance companies during this time. Sadly, even though you pay monthly for insurance coverage, you may find yourself still paying out-of-pocket for medical bills, repairing or replacing your vehicle, and more. If you or someone you love was hurt in a recent car accident, we suggest contacting our law firm to learn more about your restitution eligibility. 

What To Do After the Wreck

Before leaving the scene, gather the other driver’s information. Confirm the information they give you by asking to see their identification and insurance card. Take a picture of these two items with your phone, damage to both cars, and visible injuries. Your health and wellbeing should be the primary focus after the accident. See a doctor even if you don’t believe you have a serious injury. Many people find that they may feel okay in the moments after the crash, but in the days and weeks to follow, aches and pains start to become noticeable.

How a Lawyer Helps You

A reputable lawyer who is familiar with personal injury law can be a useful resource as your car accident claim is handled. Your Virginia car accident lawyer in Tazewell can take on stasks like investigating the crash more in-depth to uncover evidence proving the other driver is at-fault. Your lawyer can calculate a value for your claim and negotiate with insurance companies on a settlement amount. Most people don’t realize what their claim is worth, so they may accept a settlement that is insultingly low compared to what they need to truly recover now and for the long-term. 

Qualities To Look For

When hiring a lawyer, consider the skills and qualities they should possess. Your lawyer should be someone who has handled several car accident cases in the past, and show they have a thorough understanding of the laws and court procedures that may apply to your unique situation. A legal team with good communication can make you feel supported and protected as your claim is resolved. Your lawyer should be your best legal advocate and not afraid to do what it takes for your recovery.

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