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What you can never prepare for during the winter months is the snow and ice, it may all come down so unexpectedly. Even when you know it is coming, it always seems to be worse than you expect. The winter months cause several accidents and injuries to all who are not well equipped according to a personal injury lawyer from our friends at The Law Offices of Andrew Lynch. The ice is often very difficult to see and in turn causes a larger threat to the safety of those on the road or traveling by foot. There is no way to predict the intensity of the injury, and while they are often minor they are sometimes severe and life threatening. Property owners are held accountable for the conditions of their property during these times. They are responsible for ensuring their land is not slippery just as long as it is open to the public. If you or a loved one has suffered an injury caused by a slip and fall on an iced property, there is a possibility that there is a lawful premises liability claim that may potentially lead to compensation for damages. A skilled attorney can walk you through all the nuances of the case and determine who is liable and how best to pursue legal action against them.

Shaded areas and pavement such as sidewalks and parking lots are likely places for a slip and fall to happen on ice. Property owners are obligated to make sure their pathways and pavement are either well lit, or are treated so that anyone that encounters these areas are protected, and this will keep the property owners protected from a premise liability claim. Accidents or slip and falls should be foreseen as to remove risks. Or, if property owners are not able to keep up with maintenance such as in a severe storm, there should be notices around particular problem areas to warn passerby of problems.

When someone is pursuing a premise liability claim, negligence must be proven on a property owner’s behalf. It must be proven that due to the lack of care taken or given by a property owner, an injury such as a slip and fall on ice was caused. It is not the duty of the property owner to prevent the accident from occurring, but it is their duty to take the appropriate action to try their best in creating a safe environment. Visitors are also held responsible for their precautions on properties in dangerous weather, while everything cannot be evaded, there are provisions to take to prevent injuries.

In the event that you or a loved one has become a victim of a slip and fall injury due to snow or ice, it is best to contact a knowledgeable personal injury attorney with experience in premise liability cases. With all the facts of your case given, an attorney will be able to build a case for you and your loved one to receive the compensation they deserve.

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