Tazewell County is a rural area with a population of roughly 45,000 residents. Cutting through the county, Route 460 serves as the chief roadway for local residents and out-of-state travelers. Route 460 is known for being heavily patrolled by troopers, who strictly enforce Virginia’s traffic laws. Route 460 has scenic surrounding as it snakes through the hills of southwest Virginia, making it a “speed trap” for drivers who may be distracted by the scenery.

Don’t Ignore your Traffic Ticket – Learn Your Rights

Tazewell County VA Speeding Ticket LawyerVirginia traffic tickets should never be ignored – even if you’re an out-of-state driver with no intention to ever be in Virginia in the near future. Since the computerization of traffics tickets, a Virginia traffic conviction will follow you back to your home state if you’re an out-of-state driver. A conviction on your driving record can carry significant consequences depending on your circumstances, such as:

  • Increased rates for insurance premiums
  • Higher fines and/or court costs
  • Added points to your driving record
  • Suspension of your driver’s license
  • Revocation of a government security clearance

Your Speeding Ticket May Actually be a Reckless Driving Ticket

Many non-Virginia residents are often surprised to learn that in Virginia, driving 20 mph or more over the posted speed or driving in excess of 80 mph are considered reckless driving. The penalties for reckless driving are more severe than speeding. As a result, such charges should be carefully considered before agreeing to a “guilty” plea and paying a fine, and the inadvertent admission of a more serious criminal charge. We are particularly mindful of these consequences, and are dedicated to achieving a much better result for clients than if they simply plead guilty to the charge.

Don’t Pay Your Traffic Ticket Without First Learning Your Options

Many motorists who receive traffic tickets believe that they have little or no chance of getting a better result than if they simply pay their traffic ticket. Prosecutors, however, may be willing to drop the charges in consideration of a person attending driving school. A not guilty verdict or a plea deal for a lesser charge may also be possible. We may also argue a “defective equipment” defense if there is a basis for doing so. A person with a “clean” driving record (no recent tickets) is also likely to get a more favorable outcome than a person with a less favorable record (although we are often able to help those with less favorable driving records obtain a better result than if they were to plead guilty).

While we cannot guaranty that we will be able to get any client than paying a ticket, we routinely are able to achieve better outcomes for clients.

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We offer a free consultation so that you can learn about your rights and options for contesting your ticket. During the consultation, we can discuss how we can help you, and you can decide whether you would like to engage our firm for representation. We offer fixed fee representation for traffic matters, and we accept credit card payments.

As experienced traffic attorneys, we maintain a focused case-load so that we can give full attention and dedication to each client. Our firm will appear in court on your behalf, and will negotiate with the prosecutor and trooper before presenting your case before the judge. As we are able to represent clients in court in most cases without a client needing to be in court, you will not need to miss work or travel to Virginia if you live out-of-state.

We strive to achieve a dismissal for each of client, but if a dismissal is not possible, we will fight to lower your charge or we can proceed to trial if you wish or if a lesser charge is not possible. . While our firm cannot promise a specific outcome for clients, we do have a proven track record for success in traffic court and can guarantee that we will fight hard for your rights.

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