Located at the very Southwestern corner of Virginia, Lee County is sandwiched in between Kentucky and Tennessee. As of the 2018 census estimate, Lee County had a population of slightly under 25,000. The county seat of Lee County is Jonesville, which is located at the intersection of Highway 58 and Highway 70.

Lee County narrows moving from east to west until it touches both Kentucky and Tennessee in the Cumberland Gap National Historic Park. US Interstate 58 (also called “Wilderness Road”) runs in a Northeast to Southwest direction through most of the county, until it diverts south into Tennessee just before reaching the Cumberland Gap.

In addition to US 58, other major highways in Lee County include US Interstate 421, Highway 70 (‘Trail of the Lonesome Pine Road”), and Highway 606. These highways are both scenic and mostly rural, which often leads to speeding and reckless driving tickets being issued by local law enforcement.

The Types of Traffic Matters in Which We Provide Representation

As a traffic ticket law firm serving Lee County, we provide representation for matters including speeding, reckless driving, and other traffic ticket matters.

In Virginia, it’s important to understand that driving 20 mph or more over the speed limit, or driving 81 mph or more, is considered reckless driving. Reckless driving is a criminal offense in Virginia, with potential penalties including incarceration and high fines.

Speeding, reckless driving, and other moving violations in particular should never be ignored. With the sophisticated and often interconnected federal and state law enforcement databases, a driver receiving a ticket should assume that this fact will show up if a search is done by law enforcement in another state.

Our Success in Traffic Ticket Matters

On behalf of clients, we frequently appear in courts located throughout southern Virginia and northern Tennessee. We know well the prosecutors in most counties, as well as how the judges in these counties are likely to rule on cases given specific facts and circumstances.

While we can never guarantee a positive outcome, our firm has a long and enviable records of achieving successful outcomes for our clients in speeding, reckless driving, and other traffic ticket matters. Often, we are able to get the tickets of our clients reduced to a lesser charge or getting all charges dropped. In many cases, prosecutors and judges are also willing to dismiss charges contingent upon a defendant successfully completing a safe driving program.

Once we know about the facts and circumstances of your ticket, we can discuss with you the options available, and how we will fight hard on your behalf in seeking to obtain for you the best outcome possible.

Do I need a Good Excuse to Get a More Favorable Treatment in Court?

Many people believe that a really good excuse is needed in order to “get out of” a traffic ticket at court, or to secure a more favorable outcome. This is often not the case.

As Lee County traffic ticket lawyers, we know that having a “good excuse” is not necessarily required for in order to get a better outcome. In fact, whether a driver may have had a good reason for exceeding the speed limit may never come up as part of the process of challenging a ticket. An otherwise favorable driving record, on the other hand, may be helpful.

Why Retain Our Firm? Free Consultation, Fixed Fees, Credit Card Acceptance, and Significant Experience

We offer a free consultation, fixed fee representation, and credit card acceptance for the payment of legal fees.

Firm founder Mark Hurt is a Duke Law School grad who has been practicing law for more nearly 30 years. During this time he has represented clients successfully in hundreds of negotiated settlements and numerous trials. He has represented clients through Virginia state courts and federal court, and has even represented clients before the United States Supreme Court.

The Benefits of Fixed Fee Representation

We know that no one prepares a budget for traffic tickets. In addition to the potential fines, with many law firms there can be significant uncertainty about how much a lawyer may charge for representation.

This is not the case with our firm. We are devoted to providing a reasonable fixed fee for representation, which will not increase even if you wish to take your case to trial.

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