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  • The penalties for a DUI conviction are harsh
  • With excellent legal representation, your outcome is likely to be much better than if you go it alone
  • The attorneys at The Law Offices Of Mark T. Hurt have collectively represented hundreds of DUI defendants

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“The services of Mark T. Hurt have been a tremendous aid for my family and I any time we’ve needed legal help. I rate this Law office five stars because of the excellent quality of service Mark and his coworkers provide as far as being very friendly and being as helpful as they possibly can while charging very fairly for their services…”

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Did you know that receiving a DUI conviction in Virginia can have severe consequences:

  • DUI is a crime: a misdemeanor and in some cases a felony
  • At a minimum, a 12-month license suspension
  • A fine of up to $2,500
  • Some DUIs carry a mandatory jail sentence

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