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VA Car Accident Lawyer  Mark Hurt

Don’t Pay or Ignore your TIcket!

About My Practice

I have practiced in the courts of southwest Virginia for over 20 years, and am in traffic court nearly every week day.

What I can accomplish for a client depends in large part on the specific circumstances of each ticket, I represent clients in hundreds of speeding and reckless driving tickets each year, and am able to successfuly get the vast majority of tickets reduced or dismissed each year

My Background

  • Over 25 years of experience.
  • UVA Grad
  • Duke Law. Top 10%.

With this background, I believe that I can offer you the experienced and tenacious representation you need.

Client Reviews

“Mark took over my car accident case from another attorney that I fired. Mark worked hard on the case for several months to get ready for trial. Shortly before trial he got a settlement that was six times more than the offer my first lawyer tried to get me to take. “

Jerry C.

“I was injured when someone rear-ended me in an Arby’s drive-thru line. I went to Mark and he got me an excellent settlement. When the hospital tried to take most of my settlement to pay my ER medical bills, Mark and his legal assistants put in the extra effort for the next several weeks in finding a creative solution that took care of those bills and still allowed me to take home the majority of the total settlement amount.”


An Affordable Flat Fee!

You Don‘t Need To Have A Great Excuse For Speeding To Qualify For A Reduced Penalty.

In most cases, you won‘t need to go to court – I will be there for you!

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